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Journey with us to a place where you’ll learn truths and solve mysteries about your brand, products, and consumers in ways you never dreamed possible.

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We’ll introduce you to new communities and help you discover new territories

Draw Your Brand Map

We’ll analyze your data and conduct extensive research. These insights will give us the coordinates to navigate towards increased visibility for your company.

Unearth Your “Brand Gold”

Our creatives, strategists, and producers will dig deep to mine what’s most valuable to your image.

Proclaim Our Discoveries

We’ll return from our field studies with ground-breaking insights that will spark conversation, gain awareness, build loyalty and make you a category leader.


Image Land teams are equipped with all the tools necessary for successful exploration


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identity & design

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Paid media strategies

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Insights & analytics


Image Land is nimble and mighty. With experience in digital strategy, creative production, event production and media relations, our explorers have climbed every mountain, and sailed every sea.


Jessica Holt Barthmaier

With over a dozen years of experience leading brands across wine, spirits, fashion, retail, and luxury, Jessica knows how to map where her clients should live, play, and explore to best reach their goals. A true leader, Jessica loves to get “in the trenches” with her crew and, as a trusted client resource, deploy in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing media landscape. A gifted and highly trained soprano, Jessica’s vast repertoire ranges from Mozart arias to Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.” 


Mackenzie Hagood

Mackenzie is a senior designer with experience in managing design projects from concept through completion. Mackenzie seeks opportunities to expand a client’s visual vocabulary, and create designs that will set them apart. With her eyes and mind always open, she is constantly inspired by New York’s vibrant street life, as well as spending time in nature.   


Romey Louangvilay

Romey is an analytical storyteller who uses data and consumer insights to help brands communicate their unique narrative. His work to ensure each client engages audiences and converts them into loyal customers has earned Romey a spot in Forbes’ 2016 Top 30 Under 30 in Marketing & Advertising, and he’s been profiled in USA Today, Forbes, and PRNews. A fitness enthusiast, Romey is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Marc Liu

Marc is a marketing and technology strategist who marries creative production and storytelling to drive measurable growth for brands. Marc has deep expertise in travel, hospitality, spirits, and restaurants, with clients such as Anheuser-Busch, Stolichnaya Vodka, and Tourism Authority of Thailand. Born in China, raised in Australia, and educated in France, Marc specializes in cross-cultural storytelling and is fluent in French, Mandarin Chinese, and English.


James LaForce

James is a well-regarded marketing communications consultant who combines business savvy with an insatiable enthusiasm for trends and temperaments in the ever-changing media landscape. He created Image Land to explore new territories in brand discovery and storytelling. James was raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and studied English literature and writing at Columbia University. Over his more than 30 years in marketing communications, he has managed breakthrough programs for top brands such as Banana Republic, 3M, LinkedIn and Target to name only a few. James is the Founder and CEO of LaForce, a marketing communications agency in New York.


Olita Mills

In her 20 years of work in brand communications, Olita has established herself as a highly-valued client advisor, and a sought after mentor to staff. Her expertise includes client service, brand strategy, and professional development for emerging talent. Over the course of her career in marketing, publicity, and social and digital content, Olita has spearheaded campaigns for Nike, Uber, Red Bull, and many other top consumer brands. To unwind from demanding days, Olita has traveled the world, from self-guided cycling tours in Italy and France, to visiting the famed gorillas of Rwanda. She is also the president of LaForce.

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